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The combination of massage with one or more essential oils by a licensed massage therapist is helpful to alleviate the problem, whatever it may be. Whether you are trying to improve your mood or increase your libido, it can also improve the respiratory system, alleviate headaches, ease abdominal pain, improve digestion, and eliminate muscle pain.             
Here are some of the popular essential oils used  for therapeutic massages:
1.Rosemary: has numerous actions, highlighting its relaxing effect, being very effective for muscle and joint pain, and improving concentration. |
2. Mint:
produces a cooling effect on the skin that contributes to relaxation and relieves discomfort caused by pain.
3. Ginger: facilitates skin circulation and contributes to the anti-inflammatory effect.
4. Clove: its traditional use in inflammatory processes to relieve pain is recognized.
5. Frankincense:
This precious oil has been sought since ancient times and is often used for grounding and relaxation.
6. Ylang-Ylang
: has carminative properties and is a TCM remedy for headaches. It helps boost libido, heightens sexual arousal, elevates the sense of touch, and encourages intimacy.
7. Cinnamon:
reputed to be a stimulant and aphrodisiac, it has a positive effect on mood.
8. Eucalyptus:
traditionally used as an antiseptic for the respiratory tract. It has a decongestant and deodorant effect.
9. Thyme:
It is usually used in cases of colds and flu to relieve coughs, decongest the upper respiratory tract, and prevent headaches. It has a relaxing effect.
10. Lavender:
can reduce stress and anxiety, promotes restful sleep, and eases muscle tension.
11. Bergamot:
 promotes restful sleep, helps digestion, and promotes emotional balance. This oil is soothing and uplifting and is an anti-depressant.
12. Orange
: Immunity booster, Energy booster, Reduces inflammation, Good for digestion, mood lifter, and reduces stress.
Whether you're a therapist looking to enhance your practice or a client searching for ways to improve the overall experience, the next time you schedule a massage, consider incorporating essential oils to enhance the therapeutic effects of the treatment.


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